New black belt Jim Dagaris BJJ-life in pictures

Hide your kids, hide your wife, Jim Dagaris has got his black belt. Since Jim is a native of Australia with Greek decent we’re gonna do this in english, not greek. Jim first walked into Liljeholmens BJJ & MMA in 2008 when LBJJ was sharing matspace with a ninjutsu club. Maybe Jim thought he was signing up for ninjutsu? Maybe Jim was lost, trying to solve the situation? What we do know is that he stayed with us from white belt to black belt and that he looked something like this:

In the middle you can see Jim, wearing his white belt, signaling for help
Loosing in the short run, winning in the long run

Learning the armbar. Notice Jims warface, a strong look, frequent during the rest of his career
Pleasure in technique, “When he started he was a mad cow” – Anonymous trainer.
Winning in Stenungsund

Getting the purple, proud faces

Pleasure in belt whipping

Learning the pilates ball starring Jordi Bergstam as “ball”
The way we remember him

Putting on the costume
BJJ has taken Jim to exotic places, here in Brazil
Working the split
When you call my name it’s like a little prayer
I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there
Jim working the snow the only way he knows
“I’m fine, no really”

Hearing the instructions, understanding nothing

The “Jim looks like a hooker”-picture
Fighting in the IBJJF European Open
Winning gold in the IBJJF Euros
The best of days